Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Way off topic - Proud Dad Here

This is way off topic, but I have to take a minute to congratulate my daughter on her first job as a journalist. She is home for the summer from college (journalism major) and landed her first "real world" job as a reporter for our local town online news publication (the Rockwallnews.com).

Here is her first byline.

She will get to do some investigative reporting over the summer for this publication which prefers to cover mostly "hard news" in our area along with some features. For example, we have a 10 year old in our town who is already a champion drag racer having won several events. She will be doing a feature story on him later this week. 

It will be a great learning experience and a great summer job. Just had to say congrats!!

Update: 5-29-2014: Here is the article on the 10 year old drag racing champion.

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