Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Robert Rubin NYT - Don't Politicize the Fed

I was alerted to this NY Times article by a high credibility source who advises that this is an important article to read and consider. Obviously, President Trump will have an opportunity to have a huge impact on the Fed with all the vacancies to fill. Who he picks will be closely watched for sure. It could also impact the potential for major monetary system changes.

Below are a couple of excerpts.


. . . . .

"That’s how it has been for decades: Federal Reserve chairmen and governors have been selected based on their ability to serve the country. President Barack Obama reappointed George W. Bush’s nominee, Ben Bernanke, as chairman. President Reagan reappointed Jimmy Carter’s nominee, Paul Volcker."

. . . . .

"The administration’s relationship to the Fed, and its appointment of governors, must be based not on politics but on the same question every president ought to ask: Who and what will best serve our country?"

Click here to read the full NY Times article

Added news note: The Kemp Foundation forum on the Dollar Exchange Rate will be held tomorrow (4-20-17) in Washington D.C. I got the email reply below indicating the forum will be available on video later so I will certainly feature it here.

"The event is being taped and will be on the web afterwards, but it's not streaming live unless C-SPAN shows up unexpectedly. I'll send you the link when it's available."

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