Monday, May 1, 2017

Crisis Watch Update

With not much new to report here, I will use this post to explain the upcoming week on the blog. The recent forum on Exchange Rates and the US Dollar held by the Kemp Foundation provided quite a bit of new information and material on the issues we try to cover here. There were some excellent issues raised and presentations made.

For that reason, during the first week of May I will repost the series of articles I ran covering the forum so that the links for those will stay visible for visitors all during May. Also, I will have an article reviewing the recent IMF panel discussion on the potential for an expanded role for the SDR in the future. This is the first new information I have seen on that topic from IMF since they announced they were forming an Advisory Study Group last fall.  The main point to make on this is how slowly the process moves. If you follow this at all, you can see there is no big plan to convert to the SDR as global reserve currency any time soon. They are just still debating and talking about how to get broader adoption of the SDR. 

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