Friday, May 18, 2018

BIS May Newsletter - How Technology is Impacting the Nature of Money

Below I have pasted in the monthly email newsletter I get from the Bank for International Settlements. This month a video with BIS General Manager Agustin Carstens on the impact of technology on money and central banks is featured. The video is a panel discussion on central bank digital currencies held at the Brookings Institution. Here is link to the text of the panel discussion.


May 2018

The market risk framework: 25 years in the making

Basel Committee Secretary General William Coen outlines the steps needed to finalise the Basel III market risk framework.

International bank lending gains momentum

BIS international banking statistics show that banks’ cross-border claims rose by $123 billion in the course of Q4 2017, led by intragroup activity.

Stress testing of central counterparties

New framework helps authorities design and implement macroprudential stress tests for central counterparties.

How is technology affecting the nature of money and the role of central banks?

General Manager Agustín Carstens argues that technology cannot substitute for central banks when it comes to issuing currencies.

Dollar credit to emerging markets jumps

BIS global liquidity indicators show that US dollar-denominated bonds issued by emerging market borrowers grew a record 22% in the year to end-2017.

Debt securities drove growth in US dollar credit to EMEs

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