Wednesday, May 30, 2018

North Korea News Note

Business Insider runs this article which, if true, may signal that some important change might really be underway inside North Korea. With the history associated with North Korea, we must take just about everything we see and hear with a grain of salt. However, we certainly hope this news is accurate and that it means North Korea may be ready to work with the world to make things better for everyone. A couple of excerpts are below.


"A video of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un crying about his country's terrible economy while surveying its coast has reportedly made the rounds in the country's leadership — and it could be a sign he's ready to cave in to President Donald Trump in negotiations."

In the alleged video, which Japan's Asahi Shinbum quoted a defector with contacts inside the country as describing, a narrator explains Kim is crying that he can't improve North Korea's economy.

The defector said the video surfaced in April and high ranking members of North Korea's ruling party viewed it, possibly in an official message from Kim to the party."   . . . .

Added comments: Our purpose here is not to try and get involved with the politics involved  in any of these geopolitical events around the world. Instead, we are trying to assess if any of these events (or a combination of events) might be able to impact the stability of the overall global financial and monetary system. Obviously, any armed conflict involving North Korea could create such instability so it is an important situation to monitor.

In this case, we simply hope this news is accurate and indicates a sincere desire on the part of all parties involved to work for lasting peace and prosperity for all of Korea. That certainly makes the world a safer place and a better place. If it were to happen, it takes war with North Korea off the table as a major systemic risk factor. Something we can all be happy about.

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