Saturday, September 1, 2018

News Note: De-dollarization is a Hot Topic Right Now

De-dollarization (the process of various nations attempting to bypass using the USD) has been a gradual ongoing process for some time that we have covered here quite a bit. However, lately it has become a hot topic for both mainstream and alternative media. 

Below are a few links to articles (sent to me by readers) that represent what it is out there on this topic right now from a variety of points of view. I'll list them below as news notes without commentary.


Reuters - US Isolationism Casts Doubt Over Dollar's Reserve Currency Dominance

Forbes - Steve Hanke suggests Russia, Iran, and Turkey should try a gold backed currency board to get around the USD

Added note: This is not about de-dollarization, but Dr. Judy Shelton (who recently did a brief interview here) did discuss US trade policy and the US dollar on CNBC this week. You see the interview here.

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