Friday, January 2, 2015

Kitco Interview: Jim Rickards 2015 Outlook

Here is the latest outlook for 2015 from Jim Rickards in this interview with Kitco.

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"Kitco News is kicking off its Outlook 2015 coverage with an interview with bestselling author Jim Rickards to see what he thinks will happen to the U.S. economy in the coming year and how it may affect gold. “We’re absolutely in a currency war,” he tells Daniela Cambone. “In 2011, we saw the weak dollar; today, we see the strong dollar. I expect a year from now we’ll see the weak dollar again.” Recent strong economic data out of the U.S. has many analysts expecting the Fed to start raising rates this year. “There’s a lot of weakness behind the numbers,” Rickards says. “The economy is not collapsing, it’s just not growing up to potential and as long as that’s true….the Fed is not going to raise rates.” 

"Rickards adds that he thinks the U.S. economy is fundamentally weak and if it gets worse, he wouldn’t be surprised by a QE4 sometime in 2016. He wants to see what will happen to the dollar once the marketplace realizes that the Fed cannot raise rates yet. Looking at gold, Rickards says the current price is a great entry point because once it takes off, he thinks it will be hard for investors to find any gold. Tune in now for a more in-depth look into Rickards’ outlook for 2015 and hear why he thinks the currency wars are not yet over. Kitco News, December 12, 2014."

Coming up later today: The Mainstream forecast for 2015

Added note: A question I get here frequently is how can the average person prepare for an uncertain future. I wrote this article on 01-01-2015 to address that question.

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