Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Art Cashin - CNBC Contributor - Talks about US Stock Market Action Today

Art Cashin is a respected Wall Street veteran. He offered his thoughts on the US Stock Market action today in this brief interview with King World News. The interview covers the market results today and also his thoughts on what could be ahead.

King World News does not permit anyone to use quotes from their site so please just click the link above to read the interview.

Coming up this week:

- Update on the Ukraine

- More IMF news

I am also working on an article that will look at some good news. Unfortunately, when you cover the topic of monetary system change and the stability of the present system you have to cover a lot a problems and potential bad news. So it;s good now and then to step back and realize there are some good things happening in the world. There are good people who do still care about other people. I have been fortunate to meet some because of writing this blog. They provide a breath of fresh air which I think we can all use more of these days.

We will try to feature some of that in this upcoming article which I hope will be ready by next week.

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