Sunday, January 25, 2015

Latest Bo Polny Interviews

Bo Polny is claiming victory for his forecasts in this latest online audio interview.

In this new interview, he reviews his forecasts over the last several months since he did an interview in May 2014 in New York with Kitco. He feels the current move up is vindicating his analysis and definitely thinks we are seeing the start of the much bigger move he predicted. Of course he is also predicting a major stock market selloff starting this year.

Bo sent out an email date with a link to this additional new interview posted on youtube which you can listen to here.

For those who like technical analysis, here is some for gold and silver by Clive Maund:

Gold and the US dollar


It is still early of course, so we will just continue to follow things here. If Bo Polny does hit his forecast in 2015, it will have to mean that some events are happening that could impact monetary system change. That is our topic here which is why we are following his forecast.

What events might lead to change? Here are just some we are trying to keep up with:

- ECB new QE plan and market reaction

- Greek elections and market reaction

-continued fallout from SNB currency move

-Ukraine debt and conflict and market reaction

-IMF reform package status

-on going currency wars all over the map

-shaking of confidence in central banks ability to manage things

-BRICS next moves at the IMF and with their own new BRICS bank

-falling oil and commodity prices

-rising precious metals prices

-Fed's next move on interest rates

-Russia and Putin's chess moves in regard to the US dollar

-risk of cyber attacks or flash crash in the markets

-derivative risks (oil, currencies, interest rates, etc)

I think that is probably enough to try and keep track of for now.

Coming up later today: Update on the outcome of the elections in Greece and any market reactions. As the vote is winding up, the party expected to win wants the EU, IMF, and ECB to write off some of the debt Greece owes and redo the bailout package. Germany opposes doing that. Markets could react to this situation.

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