Friday, September 11, 2015

Heads Up on Bitcoin/Blockchain Article Tomorrow

The two part article on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology will post to the blog early tomorrow morning. Part I will post a 1am (Central US time). Part II will post four hours later at 5am. This article is pretty lengthy so I will leave it on the top of the blog all day Saturday and Sunday (no new article on Sunday).

Recently, we ran this article on the blog which only touches on one of the issues that the article tomorrow will cover. Just in the past month we are seeing articles like this on the problem with the size of the blockchain which has created a difference of opinion within the Bitcoin community on how to go forward with the technology.

The expert who wrote most of our article tomorrow identified this issue several years ago when first asked to look into Bitcoin so this makes the article tomorrow all the more timely.

One other note: After this article is published I will create a separate page with links to it to add on to the right hand side of the blog so that this article will be easily accessible going forward for new readers or anyone who wants to find it again later on.

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