Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Jim Rickards Twitter Feed: Sept 2016 is the Date to Watch For

We have noted here on the blog that many have been calling for a major crisis this fall that would lead to major monetary system changes. So far, that has not happened this fall. Until now, Jim Rickards has never issued any kind of hard date as to when his predicted crisis would happen that we had seen.

It appears he may now have provided a date to watch for. On his twitter feed, he posted the re-tweet below suggesting September 2016 is the time frame to watch for. Of course we will follow events to see how this turns out.


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My added comment:

While this information appears to be contained in an article available only in a paid subscription, the fact that Jim tweeted out the above suggests he is ready to give September 2016 as a hard date to watch for major changes like we cover here on the blog. I will add that his statement as seen in the image of the article above that no "reset" is coming this fall agrees with all the evidence and other sources I have at this time. 

On October 1st, I will do a blog article that looks at what Jim Rickards is forecasting compared to what we have just seen from the BIS Chief Economist (no global central bank is coming) to see if we can reconcile the apparent conflict. One thing is clear. Jim does not see anything significant happening this fall regarding a reset as so many have been predicting. So readers can evaluate that comment over the next 2-3 months in comparison to all those calling for a major event this fall.

Added note: We also have this recent twitter comment by Nomi Prins after a lunch meeting with Jim Rickards to discuss future events. She says 2016 will be important.

Additional added note: Willem Middelkoop adds the comment below on his twitter feed:

Possibly just a SDR-Reset ..

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  1. Paaalllleeessseee! This is exactly what The FED does. Set a date and then we all wait for it and when that date comes they move the date back. And everyone falls for it. Its like Lucy and the football. Over and over they do the same thing and the stupid sheep fall for it. Tomorrow, Tomorrow, theres always tomorrow, its always a day away.