Friday, September 4, 2015

The Future of this Blog?

Readers here know that there are really just two main questions we are following here now. They are:

1) Will we get another major financial crisis bigger than 2008?
2) Will the SDR used at the IMF become a global reserve currency?

We have now followed this topic for over  a year and half. As we enter the September-October time frame, it is clear we are entering an important time period in relation to the two big questions. There are many analysts and many people following these issues that strongly feel we will see visible signs of the kind of crisis in our first question above by the end of this year. Most feel it will be apparent by the end of October. If that does happen, the future of this blog will be obvious. I have an obligation to try and cover the events and provide the best information I can for readers.

If we do not see this kind of crisis by the end of October (and certainly by year end 2015), then I think it will be time to re-evaluate the future for this blog. I am happy to write daily articles and I know that if I stop doing that, I will probably lose a large number of readers. However, at some point it becomes questionable if the blog is serving any useful purpose to continue to write daily articles if nothing related to our two big questions is taking place.

It may make sense to just stop trying to write articles on a daily basis and just wait until something significant related to our two big questions arises. If nothing happens related to those questions for a long time, it may not even make sense to continue the blog. 

By early Novmeber, it will probably be clearer as to what direction makes the most sense. If any readers have any thoughts on it, those are always welcome. The purpose of this blog is to try and provide good information to help people in the event we get a yes answer to either or both of our two big questions. If both answers are no, I hate to waste people's time since we are not likely to see any major changes that would impact their daily lives. If I do cut back on articles or stop writing new ones,  I will leave all the existing information out here as an archive of information for anyone who can use it.

If you do have any thoughts on this, feel free to let me know at:

added note: I will run a re-post of some recent popular articles over the Labor Day holiday weekend. Back to regular articles after that.


  1. This is one of the main sources I look to for critical analysis of various sources regarding the economy. You have done an excellent job of writing this blog with your analysis and added comments. But I also understand the immense amount of time you spend reading and writing about this topic. When nothing seems to change as quickly as some forecasters predict, then you may begin to doubt its usefulness. But where there is smoke, there is fire. Someday, it will be an inferno. I don't want to burn. Perhaps a weekly analysis of some key articles and interviews for the week, and how it may influence the big picture progression. And of course, major events.

  2. Thank you Doug. I certainly intend to continue covering key events and do some articles. I am just trying to decide
    if producing an article every day is a good idea or not (really necessary). I do have a project coming up at work (a system upgrade/conversion to the system I use) that might take some extra time. That might make it more difficult for me to write a daily article.

    I plan to write most every day or daily at least until we see how all these crisis predictions for the Sept-Oct time frame pan out. Obviously, if the worst case predictions start to unfold, I will try to stay on top of that as best I can. Otherwise, I may just scale back a bit and
    write mostly articles that relate directly to the two big questions. I do get a lot of very kind emails that tells me there are people who
    do rely on the blog as one information source so I definitely feel an obligation to those people to try and be helpful if I can.

    Thanks again for reading and for your comments which are always excellent!