Saturday, June 14, 2014

Followup on Klickex News - Some more Q&A

The post just below on Klickex has generated a lot of page views and interest as I would have expected. We encourage readers to take some time and look through the links provided in that article. There is a lot of useful information contained in them.

Because this topic is somewhat complicated for many people who are not familiar with some of the concepts I thought I would offer a Q&A post here to try and help explain some of the things contained in the previous post and try to answers questions we get on this. So here goes.

Q: In the Klickex power point presentation there are some terms used I don't know about. What are MSB's and MTO's?  

A: MSB stands for money service business. MTO stands for Money Transfer Operator. Around the world there are a number of companies that compete in this arena. A more well known name for example is Western Union. Mobile money transfer is a growing operation around the world and in places like Africa where M-Pesa has done well. Klickex is viewed as a leader in this field because their systems meet regulatory compliance standards, operate in real time, and are the lowest cost in the areas where they do business.

Q: What is the most significant point in the Klickex article? There are a lot of money transfer options to choose from.

A: Yes there are. But how many do you see working in partnership with organizations like the World Bank, the UN, SWIFT, and the IMF as noted in their presentation. And how many are involved in a pilot project in Africa under the supervision of real Central Banks? This is what we feel is the most significant point to take from the article.

Q: Klickex talks about the GSD, but I do not find anything about that being available anywhere. Why is that?

A: The GSD (Global Stability Dollar) is a very unique product that only Klickex offers as far as I know. It was just announced last fall. Here is a link to that. The Klickex presentation lists the GSD as a project "in implementation" and also "in the pipeline". That means it is an active project being worked on now. It is not at the stage to be public yet; so it is not surprising you may not have seen it anywhere. We only have a hint of how it may work, but it has potential to be something very new and different which is why we are following it. The key is to have patience.

These are complex systems and Klickex has decided to get regulatory compliance in place first which takes time. We will follow it and keep readers informed as things happen that are public information.

Q: Do you have contact with Klickex?

A: Yes, from time to time I ask if there are any new developments that are available as public information. Klickex is always very kind to reply and provide an update on things that they can.

They have told me that the projects they work on are not things that happen quickly so not to expect news constantly. But I can say that they are making steady progress towards their projects list. I feel sure they will keep us updated when it makes sense to do so. I also routinely do research on any new information that might enter the public domain as well on my own. One thing to add. Mr. Bell of Klickex is one of nicest people I have ever met and is passionate in his belief that his work will help people. And his accomplishments are incredible.

Q: Is this GSD going to be a one world currency as part of a one world government?

A: Nothing I have seen indicates that to be the case. My understanding is that the GSD is intended to be an alternative to existing currencies, but hopefully a more stable one that is backed by assets in such a way as to inspire maximum confidence in its users. 

Now I can envision a lot of interesting ways this product might interest organizations like the IMF eventually. But for now, what we know is that the product is "in implementation" and "in the pipeline". And it appears right now that involves a pilot project in Africa. That is what we can confirm from the Klickex power point presentation right now. But that is significant news given who is supervising the project.

Q: What is your opinion of Klickex?

A: Very favorable. Every contact I have had with Klickex has been very pleasant. What I see are some highly dedicated people who believe in what they do with all their heart. I believe they have a strong desire to help people with their products. I am completely convinced they are an organization that cares about people and wants their products to make their lives better. You might take a look at their Facebook page and see how involved they try to be in communities they serve. They are viewed as an up and coming technology.

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