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Unsettling Article Appears in Voice of Russia earlier Today

I am posting this article here because of the very serious statements being made over in Russian circles. The Voice of Russia is obviously a Russian publication. Many will assume that they will spin things for the Russian government much as a western publication might spin things for the US government. It is impossible to know what the truth is in these situations, but I am posting this article for a different reason.

Earlier today we posted a link to this article.  It quotes a Russian official close to Putin (Sergey Glazvey) as essentially declaring war on the US dollar and calling on nations around the world to dump the dollar to attack it. Glazvey can be viewed as an official of the Russian government. That article is pretty serious, but this new one may be more serious. 

I will paste key parts of this new article (US to demonize Putin if his Actions Undermine Western Ambitions) below and then add some concluding comments:

"The United States chose to target Vladimir Putin when he sought to take "Russia off of the petro-dollar," maintains philosopher of science James Fetzer in an exclusive interview with Radio VR. It really seems like history is repeating itself. "It was when Saddam Hussein abandoned the petro-dollar, that he became a target, when Muammar Gaddafi introduced the gold dinar, that he became a target, when Iran went off the petro-dollar and opened an oil bourse trading in many different currencies, that it became a target."

"Putin will be a target as long as he continues to pursue this policy, the expert predicts. However, Western countries are not unified in how they should respond. For instance, "the Bilderbergers are divided, where the Europeans are favoring Russia and the Americans are favoring the Western powers." Some seem to clearly understand that "it is not going to play out to the benefit of the US; this is a lose\lose situation for the US and a win\win situation for Vladimir Putin and Russia."
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"Prof. Fetzer's predictions for the development of Russian-US relations are extremely grim. He warns that there is "a very real possibility now" of a war seen in some US circles as "the only way to salvage the American economy, which is falling apart." The expert even has some speculative details to share about the probable campaign. "There've been reports and anticipations that 22 June may be the key date for some kind of an attack, that would be blamed on Iran and Russia to promote a world war. It would, of course, be completely catastrophic, but in the US it may be viewed as the last desperate attempt for a government in a desperate situation."

my added comments: 

By no means am I attempting to say that all the comments quoted in
this article are factual or correct. The unsettling part is the clear agenda in the 
Russian media to ramp up ill feelings towards the US and to basically openly 
declare war on the US dollar. There are some in the West who might agree that 
it is interesting that every nation who has tried leaving the US dollar has
ended up being in a war with the US (or in the case of Iran hit with sanctions).

But If these stories appearing today are a message the Russian government is 
attempting to send out then we must watch all this very closely. If Russia takes
the lead in an open attack on the US dollar, there is no telling what that might
lead to. The BRIC nations seem supportive of Russia in regards to the dollar.

To hear this James Fetzer saying there are rumors that some kind of attack may 
happen on June 22nd "that would be blamed on Iran and Russia to promote a world war"
should get your attention. This is the kind of thing intelligence agencies do to create a
"fog of war" when something really is planned to happen. I am not saying anything will
happen. Only that this kind of rhetoric is worrisome. If anything does happen to set off
a major conflict we can absolutely expect a global financial crisis to become very possible.

The kind of crisis we have mentioned on here that could lead to all kinds of major changes. 
If it happened due to a major war event, that would be a terrible situation as fear would 
probably drive decision making. Never a good thing.

We will hope that nothing comes of this, but felt it was serious  enough we should alert readers given the tension of the situation and the fact a high Russian official is making these public statements. Hopefully it is just rhetoric and not a precursor to actual events.

Update 11:11 pm:  I did a quick search on the James Fetzer quoted in the second article. It appears he is not a Russian official and is known as a conspiracy theorist so that calls into question the credibility of his comments about an "event" on June 22nd. That is something readers should be aware of. However, it is still concerning that the Russian publication would feature these comments given the tension that exists and the earlier article quoting an aide to Putin. They also ran an article about how Russia is starting a new payments system technology on June 25th so they will not have to depend on SWIFT (the west). All of this sounds like a country getting ready for a big fight.

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Update 9:13 am 6-19-14: Because I viewed this situation as potentially serious, I inquired of Jim Sinclair to get his thoughts on whether we should have concern that something leading to a major military conflict could be about to happen. He replied that this situation was definitely very negative for the US dollar in the longer term. He added that he hoped it did not mean war in the near term. After looking at the background of James Fetzer I do not view his comments about something happening on June 22nd as highly credible. But if something does happen in the near term (that could lead to war between the major powers), we will dig deeper into things. So far it seems like we have a currency/financial war in progress rather than a major military one, even though regional military conflict seems to be ramping up as well.

Update 6-24-14: June 22nd has come and gone with no "significant event" taking place "that would be blamed on Iran and Russia". So we can dismiss Mr. Fetzer as a not very credible source.

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