Monday, June 30, 2014

Will July be just a lazy summer month?

July is just around the corner. Usually the pace slows down in mid summer. Lots of people are on vacations. Markets seem to slow down some. Significant news events seem fewer in the summer months. Will July be just another lazy summer month? We'll find out soon. 

Here are some topics we will be covering in July:

-we'll explore the IMF in more detail with Jim Rickards. Jim did an interview recently where he went into much more detail than usual on his views about the IMF and its role going forward. We will look at that interview and highlight some key points he made in the interview.

-we'll keep an eye on the (so far) regional conflicts still ongoing that could flare up into bigger things at any time. Iraq, the Ukraine, Syria, the China Sea, and really the entire Middle East are in unrest right now. Oil prices could turn even more volatile as well.

-what will happen with the Argentina debt? They have until the end of July to avoid a default. 

-Is there another set of asset bubbles building in the West? The BIS (Bank of Int'l Settlements) just issued a warning that there are. We'll look at what they said in their warning statement.

-What about China? Will it have problems of its own to deal with in its banking system? Some say there are hidden problems lurking in their "shadow banking system".

-Don't forget the BRIC's summit will be held in July where they will establish a large currency reserve fund and are supposed to provide more details about the new planned BRIC bank.

-Remember  that unusual speech that Christine Lagarde gave  at the first of the year to the National Press Club where she kept talking about the number seven? (see first 10 minutes) Some people thought she was talking in code that something important might happen in the 7th month of this year (that would be July). I guess we will find out soon if there is anything to that idea.

-2014 is the 70th anniversary of the Bretton Woods Conference and some will start celebrating this event as early as July.

-as always there are plenty of rumors on the internet on alternative news sites that significant events are about to unfold soon. Usually they don't pan out, but we'll see if July is different.

We'll look at all the above and always keep an eye out for anything that might lead to major monetary system change. If July turns out to be just another lazy summer month, that's OK too.

We may post fewer articles if things turn out to be pretty slow in July. We'll see how it goes.

Update 7-1-14: We have gotten some links to some interesting relevant articles sent in by readers here in our email recently. We will post links to these articles sometime in the week of July 1st - July 7th.

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