Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Article links sent in by our Readers

We have a diverse audience of readers here that have interest in our topic of monetary system change. They send links to articles they feel like are relevant and people might want to read. I am devoting this post to providing the links they sent me for anyone interested. 

The first link was sent to us from reader McBryde and can be found in the comment section of this recent post. This article contains a link to an IMF work paper on dealing with sovereign debt that I will probably make a post on sometime in the future. How the IMF might deal with a debt crisis is certainly relevant to our topic here. Here is the direct link to that working paper.

Another article link was sent in by a reader who prefers to remain anonymous. It is about a recently passed new law that makes it legal to pay with Bitcoin in the state of California. We have not mentioned Bitcoin a lot lately, but it is still popular with many people and is part of the new technologies that could bring change.

We want to again thank all our readers for coming to this blog and also sharing articles and opinions they feel are important. I try to keep my own opinions to a minimum, but I don't mind posting a strong opinion article so long as the author backs up his opinion with factual data (offers source documents) to support his or her view.

Please keep in mind that posting an article does not mean we agree or disagree with the content or the author's opinion. That is for our readers to decide for themselves. Our goal is to provide useful information and offer a forum where a wide variety of views can be presented for readers to consider. 

Added note: Sometimes we get emails from sources who have valuable information but prefer to be anonymous for good reasons. We don't publish quotes if the source prefers it to stay out of the public domain. That is only proper and courteous.

But we do attempt to use good source information we get in developing some of the content of the posts we make with the permission of the source.  The idea is to help spread accurate and hopefully useful information to readers as best we can. 

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