Monday, July 7, 2014

Silver Doctors runs our article on the BIS Report Warning about Asset Bubbles

Today alternative media site Silver Doctors ran our story on the Bank for International Settlements annual report which warns of building asset bubbles. We always appreciate it when another site picks up any of our articles and try to aknowledge it with a thank you.

When another site runs one of our aticles it gives a broader audience for the information. Obviously we think the information is important so the more people who read it the better.

We have noted that this blog is free and will always remain free. In that regard we want to let other sites know that running any article we publish here is fine with us. No need to get permission if you think readers will find the information useful. That is the purpose of this blog.

We only ask that the article not be edited in such a way as to change the actual content. And that has not been a problem at all with other sites that have run our articles.

We thank them for helping us reach a broader audience!

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