Friday, October 10, 2014

Andrew Huszar: Fed Looking at an Economy that is "Chronically Underperforming"

Yesterday (10-8-14) the Fed released its notes and the market was surprised at how dovish they were given all the media hype about coming rate hikes. Readers here of course were not surprised. In this new interview with King World News, Andrew Huszar talks about the Fed's situation. Andrew Huszar ran the first QE1 program for the Fed and later explained he thinks QE is a mistake.

It's clear from this interview he has not changed his mind about QE as notes that the Fed is watching an economy that is "chronically underperforming". He says the Fed cannot possibly raise interest rates (or really do anything much) because the economy is too weak and the Fed knows that the GDP being reported is mostly due to their bond buying program.

On the other hand he says the Fed cannot do much more to try and stimulate things either. He says the Fed is in a very difficult position and asks "So how radical can the Fed be in this troubling environment".  

The full interview is linked above.

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