Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bo Polny - October 17th Audio Interview/Update

We are following the forecast of Bo Polny who has predicted a sharp move up for gold by year end 2014 (and at least $2000 gold by summer 2015). Time is running out for his year end move. Mr. Polny did a new audio interview with the Korelin Economics Report on 10-17-14 which you can hear by clicking here.

In this interview Mr. Polny stated that the pullback for gold was over and that gold would start a sharp move up immediately now. He said gold would move up strongly this past week (Oct 20 - Oct 24), but that did not happen as predicted.

We will follow his big picture forecast well into 2015 to see what happens. If he hits his gold forecast, he has also predicted a very sharp drop in the stock market next year. For all this to happen, some significant events will have to take place pretty soon. This would imply that major monetary system change might happen sooner rather than later.

On the other hand, if by summer of 2015 things are pretty much the same as they are now, it will tend to negate the forecasts calling for significant market disruption in the short term. It would also imply that the Central Banks have managed to control things pretty well. In that case, we would expect that the changes we see coming are more likely to evolve more slowly over time in a controlled manner. 

Whatever happens, we will cover it here.

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