Thursday, April 30, 2015

News note: Jim Rickards Dallas Speech - Live Coverage

Just got back from hearing Jim Rickards speak here in Dallas this morning. This was my first time to meet him in person and it was a pleasure as you would expect. I plan on covering this speech on two levels in the next couple of days. On one level I will give a basic summary of Jim's speech and the Q&A session that followed. Most readers here will have heard a lot of what Jim had to say, but he did add a few interesting tidbits that were new.

On a different level, I want to cover what seeing Jim speak in person was like. Most of us only see him on TV or in online videos. What was interesting to me is how this talk had a very academic feel to it. Much like if you had a favorite professor back in college who was able to get you to "think out of the box" and consider new ideas. It was clear to me that Jim has a deep passion for his topic and wants people to understand the academic basis for his alternative views on how markets work. He sees his work as the start of a new way of thinking that challenges the existing paradigm. I will cover that aspect in a second article.

The talk was sponsored by the National Center for Policy Analysis (which has a local headquarters based in Dallas). This speech by Jim Rickards was the start of a new initiative this organization has which they call their "Financial Crisis Initiative". They hope to bring awareness of the issues Jim Rickards talks about (coming monetary system changes) to the masses and will be producing online videos in that regard. 

I am advised by NCPA Vice President Eileen Resnik that a video of this Jim Rickards speech will appear on the NCPA website in the future. Since this blog is pretty much dedicated to the same goal (increasing awareness of potential monetary system change and its impact on the average person), I will certainly follow this new initiative over time as information is made available on their web site.

Look for my summary of this speech here on the blog tomorrow and then the second article this weekend.

                                        Jim, his cousin, and former Congressman Allen West in Dallas


  1. I'd be interested to hear his opinion on out-of-the-box topics like the GSD, Klickex and competitors.

  2. I don't think even Jim is aware of the GSD in any detail. I believe work on that is now somewhat classified. If more information on it becomes public, I will certainly cover it here.