Saturday, December 5, 2015

Everything That You Ever Wanted to Know about Silver (and probably more)

We have long advocated here on this blog that everyone should make an effort to build an emergency cash reserve in case of any kind of unexpected event where the financial system is unable to function normally. Along with that we have suggested that keeping a portion of that kind of fund in actual physical silver is an idea worth considering. 

To understand why we say that about silver, you need to understand the basic supply and demand fundamentals for the metal going forward in the longer term. While recent news accounts reported that it may be possible to produce solar panels in the future without using silver, the supply and demand picture is still supportive of silver maintaining a solid purchasing power over time. We are not talking about a short term investment. Rather, a long term store of value that could even be passed on to heirs if not needed or used. 

The latest 2015 silver supply and demand fundamantals are now available. You can learn everything you ever wanted to know about silver (and probably a lot more) by reading this article.

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  1. I thought the last chart in the article was a very interesting, regarding the ease for a big money player to manipulate such a small market.