Saturday, December 19, 2015

Happy Holidays from Bean!

It's that time of year when at least most people tend to extend a little more peace and good will to those around them. Every time I look at our little dog Bean he reminds me of that feeling. He extends peace and good will to everyone he encounters on a daily basis. 

I wish you could see the smiling faces of kids when they see him when we take a walk at a local park. Or when he gets to take a special trip to our local Home Depot (local home improvement store -see below). He is a huge hit with everyone in the store (customers and employees) as he stands at the front of the shopping basket looking like a hood ornament :)

Dog lovers already know what I am talking about, but the world would truly be a better place if everyone took the same attitude Bean does. He has endless patience, he is happy to greet everyone he meets, and he makes the day a little brighter for anyone who happens to encounter him. Bean wishes everyone a Happy Holiday Season!

(From :45 to 1:06 of the video is his favorite trail around the lake at the park)

Bean as a hood ornament in the Home Depot shopping basket

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