Tuesday, July 11, 2017

News Alert - Jim Rickards on Donald Trump Jr. Email News

I don't try to cover politics on this blog, but I do understand that political events can impact financial markets and even financial system stability in some extreme cases. The news out on the email exchanges involving Donald Trump Jr. is just an additional potential stress factor to monitor in that regard. 

I reached out to Jim Rickards to get his reaction to this news. As always, Jim replied very quickly and offered his take on this news. I view Jim as the best source for things like this because he offers pure analysis based on what he believes is the true situation. Below are the comments he just sent me by email on this. 

"Those who contacted Donald Trump, Jr. said they represented the Russian government and claimed the Russian government supported Trump, but they did not in fact represent the Russian government, and had no basis or authority to make the claim. Trump Jr. took the meeting to explore the negative information on Clinton, which is exactly what anyone associated with any campaign would do. He quickly concluded the meeting was a waste of time, which shows good judgment on his part. End of story.

In the same sense that Donald Trump could not obstruct a crime that never happened, Trump Jr. could not collude with Russians who were not in fact Russians. It's just more fake news and parsed wording for the sake of salacious but insubstantial headlines. There's no there, there.

This will be revealed as a waste of time in due course. Meanwhile the Democrats keep chasing rabbits down rabbit holes while the Republicans keep advancing their agenda through executive orders and regulations.

Unfortunately for all concerned the big things like health care, tax reform, infrastructure spending and the budget are not getting done. Washington is a circus that goes on while the nation languishes."

James Rickards
Editor, Strategic Intelligence


My added comments: Readers here should understand that Jim takes time from a busy schedule to offer his thoughts. It is hard to find good sources on these very political issues so I greatly appreciate his being willing to share his thoughts with us. Jim did not ask me to do this, but I am including a link (just above and here) to his newsletter. It's the least I can do for the time he generously donates to help us out here.

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