Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Greg Hunter Interview with Jim Rickards

In this hour long interview with Greg Hunter of Watchdog USA, Jim Rickards touches on a variety of topics and provides an update on North Korea which has not changed from his previous analysis we reported here. Below are some excerpts from the summary of the interview.


"Four time best-selling financial book author James Rickards says don’t get too comfortable with the record high stock prices. Rickards explains, “I think the markets will have a very violent reversal in late November or early December.  Let me be specific about why because I never make claims like this without backing it up. . . . Here’s what’s going on.  Right now, markets are priced for a Fed rate hike in December. . . . The stock market is interpreting this rate hike as economic strength . . . everything is set for a violent reversal because the Fed is not going to hike interest rates in December.”

. . . .

"So, what happens if Rickards is correct and the Fed does not raise rates? Rickards says, “When that happens, and I think it will happen . . . all of a sudden, the dollar is going to get weaker, the euro is going to get stronger, gold is going to go up and bonds are going to rally.  So, there will be a lot of big market effects.  I am not talking the end of the world . . . . I am not talking about a total meltdown.  I am talking about a violent repricing of some major commodities and bonds . . . because the market thinks the Fed is going to raise, and they’re not.”

Is there a danger in October as many believe there could be? Rickards says “yes,” and it comes from increased tensions with North Korea.  Rickards says, “We have a window from October 10th to October 21st.  What is the significance of that window?  October 10th is the anniversary of the communist party of North Korea.  Kim Jong Un is getting ready to test more missiles. . . . We have two catalysts.  The anniversary on October 10th and war games (with South Korea) on October 21st.  In that window is when I expect one or more missile tests.  That’s going to be another wake up call to the markets.  The markets are sleepwalking . . . they don’t understand this war is coming, and it is coming.  A shooting war, a pre-emptive war, a kinetic war with the United States against North Korea, I do expect by mid-2018. . . . Kim Jong Un thinks we are bluffing.  We are not.”

My added comments: One thing I noted in this interview is that Jim laid out a path for the US dollar to be replaced as the global reserve currency that he describes as being a long term process playing out over many years. This is in line with what we have been saying here as well for some time. 

So this is good confirmation that such a process is likely to unfold over a longer time frame unless some kind of new global crisis speeds the process up as we have been reporting here. As noted above, Jim repeats in this interview that he sees the US engaged in a shooting war with North Korea by mid 2018. He has stated in public interviews that will be a likely trigger for the next major financial crisis he has predicted for many years. In this interview, he also discloses that he will participate soon in a meeting by invitation only with the CIA Director and key US Defense Department officials. For these reasons, we encourage readers to follow events related to North Korea closely.

Also, here is a link to another even more recent interview with Jim Rickards that covers much of the same ground, but he again restates clearly that he believes the US will go to war with North Korea by mid next year. So far the markets are obviously not pricing in this as a likely event. But again, I emphasize this situation should be closely monitored. Jim does add that you should watch for any news indicating the US is advising US civilians to evacuate from South Korea. That would be a strong signal that war would follow soon after in his view.
10-11-17: Here are some related news articles out this morning. This is what I mean by closely monitoring events.

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