Saturday, February 15, 2020

BIS Update - Central Bank Digital Currencies

In the recent BIS (Bank for International Settlements) monthly update, they have several articles dealing with the status of central bank digital currencies. Below I have pasted in this recent update.


February 2020

The green swan 

How should central banks preserve financial stability in the age of climate change?

Central bank digital currencies survey 

Central banks are doing extensive work on digital currencies, and a small number indicate that they are likely to issue one soon.

Policy responses to fintech

FSI Insights paper provides a cross-country overview of policy responses to fintech developments.

Monetary policy frameworks

At an American Economic Association panel organised by the BIS, policymakers discuss whether monetary policy frameworks are still adequate to cope with the challenges central banks are currently facing.

Creating a credible and trusted digital currency

Benoît Cœuré takes part in a panel discussion on the likelihood of a trusted global digital currency and what trends could shape its future.
More BIS publications 

Statistics: Cross-border bank lending accelerates
Global cross-border bank lending grew by 9% year on year at end-September 2019.

Announcement: BIS expands membership
The BIS invites the central banks of Kuwait, Morocco and Vietnam to become members and increases emerging market representation in key committees.

Statistics: US dollar credit outside the US expands
Dollar credit to non-bank borrowers outside the US grew by 5% year on year at end-September 2019.

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