Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Recap of August - A Record Month for the Blog

While August is usually a fairly quiet month in terms of what we cover here on the blog, this August was somewhat different. The month saw a record number of visitors to the blog (over 35,000 from all over the world). 

This was mainly due to an article Bill Holter wrote which mentioned our list of systemic risk warnings from the IMF and the BIS. That article was picked up all over the internet resulting in a record month here. The page listing the warnings has been visited and bookmarked by thousands of visitors.

Below are links to some of the most popular articles posted here in August. I am re-posting them below to make it easier for new readers to find them. This blog gets new readers all the time so I do re-post articles from time to time for that reason.


IMF Delays Implementation of new SDR Currency Basket - What Does it Mean?

Willem Middelkoop - IMF Will Add Chines Renminbi to SDR in 2016

List of Articles about the SDR used at the IMF (this is a new page many readers visited)

Nomi Prins Interview with Greg Hunter - Fed trapped in money printing

OMFIF Report - Gold, the Renminbi, and the Multi Currency Reserve System

What will Happen to all the Sovereign Debt in a Reset?

Global Cooperation - Easier Talked about than Done Part I               Part II

What are the keys to Monetary System Change?

The "Information Gap" in Society

Is Everyone Positioning for "The Blame Game?"

Normally we feature articles from Jim Rickards quite a bit, but he was doing a lot of travel in August and did not do many public articles. He did alert followers that he will be speaking in October in South Africa along side former Bush Administration adviser Dr. Pippa Malmgram and he offered us his comment on the IMF decision to delay changing the SDR currency basket in this blog article. He also did some TV intereviews late in August.

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