Monday, February 1, 2016

Most Popular Blog Articles in January

Below are links to the most popular articles we ran here in January. The new information from Dr. Warren Coats was extremely popular with thousands of reads across more than 50 countries on those articles. Coming soon will be an article that looks at the amazing career of Dr. Coats that I learned about doing some research for the blog articles featuring him. It will be titled 'Who Ya Gonna Call' (if we do get a major financial crisis some day).

It was purely by chance that I had the opportunity to make contact with Dr. Coats after asking him a question during a webinar hosted by the Bretton Woods Committee in January that related to issues covered here on the blog. I had already found his writings on his Real SDR proposal last year, but now have a much better understanding of his ideas. He knows that his comments are welcome here at any time and I will do future articles that feature some of his writings. 


This is an interview where Dr. Coats answers some of the most asked questions I see from readers and on various sites while doing research for this blog.

These emails are the initial contact after the webinar where Dr. Coats explains his ideas.

A little more in depth look at Real SDR Proposal where I note that he does refer to Jim Rickards prediction of a another major financial crisis as a potential trigger for monetary system change.

Most Asked Questions Right Now Including - Is this the Start of the Crisis?

In this article I tried to answer the most pressing questions I see from readers based on all the various sources of information I see while doing research for the blog. I believe that this article is a good example of how this blog can save readers time. It takes time to read a wide variety of credible sources and then compile them in one place side by side so readers can see them and compare them. I think this is the best way for the average person to stay informed and also see which views and ideas emerge as the most accurate over time. In addition, this blog does not have any kind of agenda (political, not selling anything, etc) so we can present a variety of views giving respect to all views without editorial bias. That is the goal here as much as is humanly possible. All information presented here is selected based purely on the merit of the content in our judgment.

I will add that all credible analysts who support their views with sound factual data and make sound logical arguments for their position are welcome here. You can be sure that if you want to publish an article or share your thoughts by email, they will not be edited or altered in any way here. In addition, if I do articles using quotes from anyone I always submit a draft of the article for their review to make sure their thoughts are presented accurately.

The information does need to relate to the issues covered here of course. All I ask is that people be respectful of others views and be willing to listen to others thoughts and concerns.

This blog is trying to reach the average person who may not normally have much interest in these topics. We try to have a mixture of articles covering both IMF and BIS workpapers etc. (which most people are not instinctively interested in) and lighter articles that hopefully attract the interest of people (like myself) without a background in international banking, currency systems, etc). It's interesting because the readership here has a variety of readers with a variety of viewpoints. Exactly what I hoped would happen. Everyone is welcome here. A marketplace of ideas is a good thing and I hope this blog will always be that.

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