Thursday, February 11, 2016

Willem Middelkoop - Interview on Real Vision TV - Status of The Big Reset

This is an outstanding new interview with Dutch author Willem Middelkoop in which he provides an update on how The Big Reset he sees coming is progressing. This is a must listen interview if you are a reader of this blog

It covers most everything we have discussed here with a leading expert in the world in Mr. Middelkoop. He even lays out a possible time frame for the changes he sees to unfold. You can hear the interview here or watch it below.

Added comments: Mr. Middelkoop has been very kind to mention this blog on his twitter feed many times and we have a very good relationship by email. We both feel that the changes he talks about for the future are likely to unfold gradually over time unless we get a sudden major new financial crisis that forced events to speed up. We also agree that if gold were to be brought back into the monetary system, it would probably be as a last resort after all else had been tried first. But we also agree that it could eventually happen if the monetary authorities felt they needed to. In this video interview, Mr. Middelkoop explains how China looks at all this based on input from his contacts there. He notes that China takes a long term view of things in their planning.

Mr. Middelkoop is on the Advisory Board of the OMFIF and has very good contacts around the world much like Jim Rickards does. These are some of the best sources in the world you are going to find on these issues in my view.

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