Saturday, September 2, 2017

Jim Rickards on Potential Market Risks

In this recent article we noted that Yale School of Management has a blog that covers potential systemic risk and also offers a masters degree in the study of systemic risk. In this recent interview, Jim Rickards gives his latest thoughts on a couple of risks he sees out there at this time.

Jim mentions that he sees the economy starting to roll over in many different areas which could lead to a significant stock market down turn into the end of this year. He also provides an update on the prospects for war with North Korea. In that regard, Jim told me in an email earlier this year to pay close attention to the time frame between November 2017 and February 2018 for the potential for an actual shooting war to break out. Obviously that event would have significant impact on the markets if it were to happen.

Added note: It appears that both Russia and China are getting increasingly nervous that a war will break out between the US and North Korea. Also, Australia agrees to join with the US if such war does happen.

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