Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rickards on Bloomberg TV - Talks about the Fed and the US Dollar

Here is Jim Rickards latest TV interview on Bloomberg. In this interview he explains why the US dollar has had recent strength. He also says the Fed has a conundrum right now because they want to try to raise rates to convince the public that the US is in a real recovery. However, if they do raise rates they risk boosting the US dollar even more which is deflationary in the US. He says the Fed does not want deflation so we are all waiting to see if the Fed changes their mind about raising rates.


Here is the Bloomberg description of the interview:

West Shore Funds Chief Global Strategist Jim Rickards dicsusses the strong dollar and the emerging market fallout with Alix Steel on "Street Smart."

Here is the rest of the interview where he talks about problems some of the big banks are having.

Meanwhile the strong dollar is starting to worry people - CNBC - Could Strong Dollar Force Fed to Stall Rate Hike?

Added note: This is unrelated to the interview above. but yesterday Jim Rickards posted this comment on his Twitter regarding the situation in Russia. And here is Bloomberg article related to that.

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