Sunday, March 22, 2015

Texas Tests New Water Supply Technology

This is a little off topic, but every now and then I like to try and present some positive things going on in the world since we have to cover so many problems. Since I hail from Texas, this story naturally caught me eye

This could be some good news not only for us here in Texas where water resources are precious, but perhaps around the world as well. It's great to see this new technology being tested out here. I hope it works as advertised to help meet future water needs around the globe. 


"Texas is famous the world over for two things on a massive scale: oil and droughts. Now the slick but dry state is becoming famous for water: that precious element that both resolves the drought problem and also makes it possible to pump more oil out of the ground.
Not only does Texas have the Permian Basin and the Eagle Ford shale, but it also has the Gulf of Mexico and its massive oil deposits and endless gallons of seawater that are now economically treatable thanks to next generation water processing technology.
As NASA predicts a decades-long 'mega drought' later this century, next generation water processing technology coming from within the oil industry promises not only to help solve Texas' drought problem by accessing and desalinating brackish and slightly salty water sources deep under the dry Texan surface, but to go one step further by desalinating ocean water and turning dirty water into potable water.
While conventional desalination technologies only recover about 35% of fresh water from a gallon of seawater, new Dutch technology brought to Texas by a local company recovers approximately 97% of the fresh water at an economical cost. At the same time, the new technology uses no chemicals, rendering it quite possibly the 'greenest' water processing technology in operation today.
This ushers in the ability to add new water sources to our current ecological system by desalinating brackish and ocean water that previously was not considered in the amount of fresh water available for human consumption.   . . . . . 
The answer to Texas' drought, concerns about future supplies of potable water, and oil industry fears of fracking drying up, is next generation technology that hits out at the water dilemma on three fronts simultaneously"    . . . . .  Read all about the new technology in the full article here

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