Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Vanuatu Hit by Cyclone Pam - People There Need Some Help

A blog reader who lives in New Zealand made me aware of a huge disaster that has befallen the island of Vanuatu in the South Pacific. A massive cyclone with winds at 270 kilometers per hour hit the island leaving 65,000 people homeless and in need of basics like food and fresh water. This article in Stuff.co from New Zealand gives you an idea of the devastation.

I know we have many readers here from the South Pacific area and there might be other readers here who would be interested in helping these folks out. If so, here is a link to the web page setup by the Red Cross for disaster relief for Vanuatu. Any donation will surely be appreciated I am sure.

Click here to visit Red Cross relief site

We never know when we might find ourselves hit by something like this. Here in Texas, we live in "Tornado Alley" so we realize how these things can come out of nowhere and disrupt people's lives. If you have a heart for helping out, I know the Red Cross is a solid place you can donate to that will do their part to lend a hand.

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