Thursday, May 14, 2015

Requesting Reader Feedback

I have been offered an opportunity by Google to place ads on the blog under a program they call Ad Sense. I have been assured that readers are under no obligation to view the ads. In fact, readers should not click on links to the ads unless they have a genuine interest in the content of the ad.

I have written this blog now for nearly a year and half without running any ads so as to insure that readers do not think I am promoting any product here or have any affiliation with any of the sites or experts that I occasionally link to here when writing articles. I won't know what ads will appear or have any affiliation with whatever entity does run the ad. That is something Google does based on the content of the articles that are on the blog.

I would like to know if readers object to me allowing Google to run ads on the blog. I am told the ads will simply be small boxes with a link that the reader can go to if interested (not any kind of popup ad for example). If readers are OK with that I will let them run the ads on a test basis to see how they do. I currently derive no income of any kind from the blog.

If readers object to ads appearing on the blog, just let me know. If there is a solid majority who object I simply will not allow the ads to run. If the ads appear in an annoying way I will stop them from running.

Just let me know if you have objections in the next few days.

Contact email is:

Thanks for your feedback on this!


  1. I have no problem with you making some money off of your work. Hopefully you can choose the size and location of the ads. If they get annoying, I will let you know.

  2. Thanks, if they are annoying I will just take them off.

  3. Same reply as Mr.Thompson. Of course I do have an ad blocker. Also I want to tell you Larry that I like your blog. Good info and an honest opinion from you. No fear porn, propaganda, name calling, profanity etc... as many sites (alternative media) have.