Sunday, May 31, 2015

Some Q&A about this Blog

My blog stats indicate that each week we get new readers here. Below are some Q&A about this blog for new readers (or existing readers) that may help give some background as to what the blog is attempting to do. Please feel free to email me questions or comments any time.


Q: What is the primary purpose of this blog?

A: The primary purpose of the blog is to provide a free information resource to the public on important monetary system issues. A secondary purpose (and one I feel is important) is to create an archive of documented information that readers can go back and reference over time. The archived articles are all listed over on the right hand panel of the blog and go all the way back to January 2014 when the blog started. This archive documents many of the warnings issued by the IMF and the Bank for International Settlements over the past year or more. In addition, the forecasts of those experts we follow are documented as well. Readers can compare various sources of information (mainstream media sources versus alternative media sources for example) because views and articles from both can be found. 

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: For various reasons. Doing research to write articles helps keep myself better informed. After following this topic for a long time, I felt like there was a need for something directed towards the average person that does not advance a religious or political agenda and that is not affiliated with trying to promote or sell something to readers. There is nothing wrong with political and religious views. There is nothing wrong with selling or promoting a product or service. But for this blog, I want readers to feel as if this is just a free public resource that presents quality information and encourages readers to make up their own minds about what to do with the information. I want every reader to feel welcome here.

Q: How much time do you spend on this blog per week?

A: It varies of course. But I try to publish at least one article a day. To publish one article I usually read anywhere from 5 to 10 articles to use as the source for my blog post. It probably takes an hour or more a day to get one article published so I'll say 10 hours per week or 40 hours per month.

Q: How broad is the readership for the blog?

A: I can't answer that exactly, but I can say that at least 120,000 people have visited the blog so far. My blog stats indicate people from over 45 different nations around the world have visited. I get emails from readers that let me know some very well known people do read the blog. In addition, some of the articles on the blog have been published on other sites and viewed by many more thousands of people there. I don't mind any site using articles from the blog. I do ask that they not change the original text in the articles. And if they link back to the blog here, that is appreciated. But my primary goal is to get quality information to the public at no cost to them. The more people who know about the blog, the better I can do that.

Q: Will this blog ever be converted to a paid subscription site only?

A: Absolutely not. This site will always be free to all readers as long as it exists.

Q: How do you select the sources and experts featured on the blog?

A: I actually devote a lot of time and thought to that. This blog is attempting to attract the interest of the average person who probably is not going to think much about monetary system change or how it might impact their life. That's understandable since the topic can be confusing and hard for the average person to relate to as impacting their life. My goal is to try and use media sources most people recognize and a select group of experts who have strong credentials. I can't expect someone to listen to "unknown sources" or put a lot of weight on my opinions because I am just an average person myself. There are many other good sources and experts out there, but I try to carefully choose those that I think most people can relate to and will recognize. Also, I try to avoid the promotion of a political agenda which excludes some experts who are overtly political. There is nothing wrong with holding strong political views, but they can be divisive when the goal is just to reach the average person with pure information with as little bias as possible. I also attempt to present a wide variety of views and treat all views with respect.

Q: Will we have another major global financial crisis?

A: I don't know. Some of the experts I follow believe we will. Others think the risks to the system can be managed to avoid it. So far, the risks have been managed. Since no one can be sure about the future I don't think anyone can know for sure. I think the best idea is to have a plan in mind in case there is another crisis, but not to worry about it constantly. I get highly credible feedback that those running the present system are aware of the risks to the system and work is always underway to manage those risks. I am sure more is being done than the general public is aware of. All we can do is stay alert and informed and see what happens.

Q: How can this blog help me?

A: The blog can help you by saving you time. After following this topic now for over 10 years I do know many good information sources that talk about this topic. I review those and pick out what I think are the best so readers don't have to spend time to find them. In addition, all readers are welcome to send in questions if there is an issue I missed that they are interested in. Think of it kind of like an executive summary for readers that hopefully saves them time and keeps important issues in front of them.

Q: How can readers help?

A: Questions are always welcome. If there is a relevant topic I have overlooked, please let me know and I will look for quality information on it if I can. Many readers send me links to excellent relevant articles as well. Those extra eyes and ears help improve the content on the blog. Lastly, if you find the information here worthwhile, telling others about it is a huge help. 

Q: How can I contact you with a question or comment?

A: Just send it to this email address:

If the information here is helpful for people new to this topic, then the more people that find the information the better. Monetary system change can impact the life of the average person in a very real way. Therefore, the more they understand about it, the better decisions they can make in their personal planning. So I feel we all have an obligation to help each other out in trying to get the best information we can find out to as many people as will listen. Many people have helped me. The least I can do is try to help out someone else. That is really what this blog is about at the end of the day.

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