Saturday, December 6, 2014

A tip of the hat to our retiring Congressman Ralph Hall

This blog is not political by design. The issues we cover here impact everyone no matter what they believe. But we will take this one post to tip our hat to our retiring Congressman Ralph Hall. Congressman Hall actually served in Congress as both a Democrat and a Republican during his long tenure. He kind of represents a throw back to a time when Congress was able to work together better.


What his constituents will remember and respect about him was how he attended just about any function within his district that he could. It didn't matter to him if you voted for him or not, if your kid was honored with becoming an Eagle Scout or some other community service type award, he would show up to lend his support and encouragement. He loved to see young people aspire to do great things and showed it by attending events important to them and their parents.

Here is a Dallas Morning News write up about his long career coming to an end.

And below is a picture of when he attended the ceremony for our daughter when she was chosen to represent her high school at Girls State in Texas. This is the kind of thing he would show up at all the time. And you wouldn't be surprised to run into him at a local diner either. He loves to be around people. He always has a joke to tell. So, we tip our hat to his long years of service and wish him well as he enters retirement from Congress.

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