Monday, December 29, 2014

What's Your Plan? A Plea to Readers Here

This blog has a number of goals. First and foremost is to provide the best quality information we can find on the topic of monetary system change for readers. If change comes, good information and an understanding of what is happening is the most valuable thing you can have. It is absolutely impossible to make good decisions without it. So that is first priority.

Another almost as important goal is to encourage readers to think ahead and have a plan in mind for whatever change may be coming. This is a much harder goal to achieve because none of us know for sure what the future will bring. We can't know if or when major change will happen. We can't know if the system will just continue to limp along for several more years, actually have a real recovery, or sink into another major crisis when we least expect it. 

A strong case can be made that the world could sink into another global depression at any time if volatile markets trigger unknown derivatives into default at too big to fail banks. At the other end of the spectrum, easy money policies by central banks could lead to very high inflation at any time if the velocity of money suddenly picks up. And then the ongoing forces of inflation and deflation might just continue to balance each other out for some time to come, creating a sense that things are stable. But who knows for how long?

Living in a world with this much uncertainty and potential for sudden, unexpected change means we must stay informed and have some kind of plan in mind in the event a worst case scenario does unfold at some point. Waiting until after a crisis unfolds to think about what to do will simply be too late. On the other hand, we cannot live life on edge every day worried about all these problems. That does not work either. 

Having now covered all these issues for nearly a year on this blog I feel more than ever that people need the information here. They need to take it seriously. They need to think about having a plan. It will vary for each situation of course. But there are a few common sense steps almost everyone can take that would improve their situation no matter how things unfold. Things they can do without going overboard if not much changes for a long time, which is also possible.

On January 1st 2015, I will publish a more in depth article than usual which covers how this blog got started, what its goals are, and also offer a few simple common sense ideas on how to make a reasonable plan to deal with whatever might happen. The article will be a Google document (in Word format) linked here. This way you can open the article and print it out if you like.

You can give it to anyone you know or care about that needs to consider these issues (which is everyone in my opinion). 

The article will not be overly complex or of a "doom and gloom" nature. It is designed to reach out to the average person who probably has not given all this much thought, but needs to. It will of course be free to anyone who wants it. I hope readers here will feel free to hand it out if they think of someone who would be interested in the information. 

I don't know what the future will bring or when change may come. What I do believe is that the more people who have thought about these issues and made some kind of plan, the better off everyone will be. I feel like we have a duty to each other to try and help out. This blog is the only way I can do anything to try and contribute to my neighbors out there. Please do what you can in your area to be a source of good information whenever the opportunity arises. I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season as we get ready to see what 2015 will bring. A new year is always a good time to think about having a plan.

Added note: I love to hear from readers so always feel free to send an email here at:  if you have a comment or question. Let me know if the blog is providing useful information when you have a chance. That is the intent here.

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