Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Jim Rickards Recent Interviews and Articles on Current Events

As usual Jim Rickards is staying busy doing interviews and articles. He covers such a broad range of topics in these latest interviews, we will just list the links below and readers can go to them as they choose. Everything from the recent Fed statements to the Russian economic situation is covered. One thing we do note is that his latest time frame for another round of QE from the US Fed has been moved back to early 2016, suggesting he thinks the Fed will wait longer than he had previously thought.

"Jim Rickards, Chief Global Strategist at West Shore Funds, says the Russian central bank may not have enough reserves beyond 2015 to pay off its corporate debts."

On today’s “The Roundup,” James Rickards, author of “Currency Wars,” Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Lisa Abramowicz and Douglas Lavanture break down some of the day’s top market stories on “Street Smart.”

This is a lot of information. But we always recommend listening to Jim Rickards when he
does interviews and articles if you have a chance. He covers a lot of topics in real time that will be of interest to most people. So consider this post some Christmas gifts you can enjoy over the Holidays!

Added note: 

A question I get here is how can the average person prepare for change given that so many different future scenarios are possible? On January 1st 2015 I will have an in depth article that talks about this. It will give the history for why this blog was started, what it hopes to do, and offer some common sense ideas that anyone should be able to use to prepare for whatever happens. This article will also be provided as a Google document in Word format so that it can be easily printed and given to anyone interested. Of course it will be free to anyone who can use it. Please do hand it out to anyone you think can use it.

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