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As We Head Into 2015 - A Glance Back at 2014 and a Peek Ahead

As we wind down 2014 we can take a quick look back at what we followed this year. Now we will head into 2015 and we have plenty to continue to follow related to our topic here. What we watch for here are any events that may lead to Monetary System Change. Specifically we look for any signs that the US dollar is losing its status as sole global reserve currency. That is the biggest thing that can impact the future standard of living here in the US for most people. It's what would impact their daily lives. First, lets glance back at 2014.

2014 Review:

In 2014 we have covered a lot issues and forecasts related to possible coming monetary system change.

Just to list a few:

- we started the year with lots of talk about a "currency reset" that would be coming

-Gold price forecasts were everywhere, some very bullish, some very bearish

-Bo Polny makes his bold forecast of $2000 gold by year end and a market crash in 2015-2016

-Jim Rickards predicts the US would fall back into recession by 2015, start up QE4

-the 2010 IMF reforms were a huge priority  for the IMF and BRICS nations

-mutiple analysts we covered here predicted a US dollar collapse in 2014

-we discovered a small company in New Zealand (Klickex) that might play a big role in the future with its cutting edge banking technology

-the IMF and BIS issued multiple warnings that the financial system was building asset bubbles and the risk of another financial crisis was still in play

-geo-political conflicts ramped up around the world (Russia, Syria, Middle East, China Sea)

-Russia and China forged a lot of new agreements to counter US global influence

There was a lot more we covered here of course, but this list shows that we followed a lot of news and opinions in 2014. It also shows that there are a lot of moving parts to monetary system change and the topic can be complex (we try to simplify it some here).

Jim Rickards was mostly right on his forecasts as usual. He got several right including the ramping up of Russian cyber attacks and a possible bust in the Chinese economy due to inefficient investment there. However, he did miss on his prediction the Fed would pause its QE taper. Later in the year he revised that to say recession in 2015 would force the Fed to reverse course once again and start QE4. We'll follow that one in 2015. 

Bo Polny has not seen gold make the move he projected so far in 2014. But he says his cycle analysis allows up to mid 2015. So we will continue to follow that in 2015 as well. Bullish gold price forecasts were wrong as were forecasts of a 2014 US dollar collapse. The US dollar actually strengthened which put downward pressure on gold. The IMF reforms stalled in the US Congress. The US stock market made record highs. Official IMF forecasts for global GDP growth had to be revised downward though. And fear of low inflation leading to deflation still exists around the world.

A Peek Ahead For 2015:

Here are some key stories we will follow in 2015:

-We will continue to follow Jim Rickards recession forecast and the Fed reaction forecast

-We will see how Bo Polny's gold and stock market predictions turn out by mid 2015

-We expect to have some interesting news from Klickex to report in 2015 on the status of its Global Stability Dollar (GSD) which could become an asset backed digital reserve currency in the future.

-we will see what happens with the IMF reforms and what the BRICS do if they don't pass

-we will watch to see if the yuan gets added to the SDR basket of currencies in 2015

-we will watch the US dollar to see if it holds up or starts to falter in 2015

-we will keep an eye on China to see if debt problems there cause trouble globally

-we will keep an eye on Japan to see if it sinks into deflation or has massive inflation due to the new giant stimulus program underway there. 

-we will keep an eye on the Eurozone to see if it falls into recession as well. Also if the ECB moves toward stimulus or not.

-we will see if Russia can withstand the sanctions and how they fight back and what they do about the sharply falling ruble.

-we will watch gold prices to see if they make a move in 2015. If both gold and the US dollar move higher, what would that mean? That fear of global trouble is on the rise?

These are just some of the main issues we will follow in 2015. We will continue to post links to articles and interviews by people like Jim Rickards, Jim Sinclair, Andrew Huszar, Nomi Prins, David Stockman, and others who provide credible alternative views. We will continue check in with our friends working inside the system to get their perspective on things as well. We will strive to continue to provide solid information and a variety of credible opinions for readers here who may not have time to dig up all this up on their own. It does take time.

I will have an in depth article coming (here is a Google doc version) that explains in some detail how and why this blog was started, what its goals are, and some suggestions on how to deal with whatever monetary system change comes our way in the weeks, months, or years ahead. It will offer a common sense approach to dealing with uncertainty. Also, what I have learned from a year of writing articles for this blog (its been very interesting and educational).

As always, a big thank you to all readers here. Please refer anyone here that you think might find the information on this blog useful. It can be a great place to learn about all these issues for people that have not thought much about them, but really need to. They will find sources they know and links to verify the information presented here. Readers here don't need to take my word for anything and they shouldn't.

There is nothing for sale here. There is no agenda here. There is just a free data base of solid information and credible expert opinions. If major monetary system change is coming, everyone needs to be ready for it. How and when it comes is less important than being prepared if it does come. This blog will do what it can to try and help keep readers informed in 2015. It should be an interesting year.

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