Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Latest Update from Bo Polny with Gold Moving Higher -- 12-5-14 Interview Date

Here is the latest from Bo Polny. Below is his video interview with Mines & Money in London.  With gold making a strong move up above resistance prices, we will be watching to see if this is the start of the move Mr. Polny is expecting by June 2015. The bullet points from this interview are listed below.

-Bo says Gold has followed the path he laid out in his May 2014 interview with Kitco

-It made a summer high before falling back to a low in November

-It made the low later than he expected, but he thinks the low was in November

-He is sticking to his forecast that gold will move to $2000 by June 2015

-He projects silver to be at around $60 at that time (he says its harder to project silver)

-When silver hits $60 he says its time to convert silver to gold as silver will suffer some
when the US stock market drops sharply (which he predicts for 2015 after the gold move up)

-Long term gold price forecast is "at least $5000" by 2021 (could go much higher)

-Gold is in a long term 21 year cycle that started in 2000 and tops out in 2020-2021

We will follow things in 2015 to see if he hits or misses this forecast

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