Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Jim Rickards Latest Monthly Webinar

Jim Rickards does a monthly webinar where he answers questions on a variety of topics. Here is the link to the audio version of the latest webinar Below are the issues discussed. Here is a link to the text transcript if you prefer that.


The Gold Chronicles: January, 11th 2016 Interview with Jim Rickards

Jim Rickards, The Gold Chronicles January 2016:
*Jim announces his new book, The New Case for Gold, now available for pre-order on Amazon:
*Cyberwarfare didn’t exist 35 years ago. There are new reasons to buy gold today
*Explaining China’s “Impossible Trinity” of a pegged exchange rate, open capital account, and independent monetary policy
*Expect a global recession 2016
*Fed will reverse course and loosen monetary policy by end of 2016
*House of Saud going through major, generational changes which lays the groundwork for what could lead to World War III
*The world is facing a global dollar shortage. 20 Trillion in USD denominated debt has been created in recent years and not enough dollars to pay the debts (more on this here)
*Alex Stanczyk shares the story of how Physical Gold Fund began its relationship with Jim Rickards
*The USD has not yet topped. In the short term the USD will continue to strengthen. The Fed will ease perhaps beginning in November 2016.
*Oil / Gold Ratio – gold is now trading like money compared to other commodities

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