Wednesday, January 20, 2016

News Note: IMF Cuts Growth Forecast

The IMF announced they will cut both their global and US growth forecast for 2016. Below are some links to articles related to this news and also an article from the BRICSPOST about an economic downturn in China.


IMF:  U.S.  economic  growth  is  weakening  -  CBS Marketwatch

"The International Monetary Fund is trimming its 2016 forecast for global economic growth, the latest sign that a slowdown in China and other emerging markets is taking a toll."

Weak Pickup in Global Growth-imf. org

  • Global growth forecast revised down—3.4 percent in 2016 and 3.6 percent in 2017
  • Emerging market and developing economies facing increased challenges

Buckle up: China’s economic downturn headed for US-BRICSPOST

"There is good reason to believe that China’s economic slump may be heading for the United States. Economic growth remains anemic in most of the developed world, and data from key economic sectors like manufacturing and transportation forecast upcoming trouble in the U.S. market."

Added note: New serious warnings here from former BIS and current IMF. Will have more on these as soon as I can get time. I work at a regular job and things are happening too quickly right now to keep up with articles. Let's add CNBC analyst Art Cashin's warning as well here (note he points a finger directly at the US Fed and also points out BIS tried to warn the Fed). Keep an eye on this 'who to blame' game closely if things go south. Here is an excellent, sincere, and thoughtful article out from Jim Sinclair on staying calm and being prepared.

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