Friday, January 1, 2016

The Most Popular Blog Articles from 2015

Below is a list of links to some of the most popular articles that were published on the blog in 2015. Our list of warnings about systemic risk to the global financial system from the IMF and BIS was extremely popular and viewed by many thousands around the world. Our page of links to articles about SDR's used at the IMF was also very popular.

Here is a list of links to some of the most popular articles in 2015:

Is Bitcoin a Technology that will change the world for the average person - Part I and Part II

This article was written primarily by one of the leading experts in the world on this topic who knows the major players involved and warned them years ago about the technical problems that would arise over time with Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. It's a must read if you want to be well informed on this issue.

2015 - A Year of Quiet Steps Forward on the Path to Change

CBS 60 Minutes - The Future of Money

Nomi Prins - The Present System will Come to an End

Willem Middlekoop - Update on the Status of a Reset

Jim Rickards vs. the BIS on a Global Central Bank - Are they in Conflict?

Claudio Borio (BIS Chief Economist) Says a Global Central Bank is "Out of the Question"

Roadblocks to the SDR Becoming a Global Currency

Mid Summer Review @ July 2015

Nomi Prins Presentation to the Federal Reserve

Dan Popescu on the SDR, Gold and China

BIS - Time to Think about New Global "Rules of the Game"

In Person Review of Jim Rickards Speech given in Dallas Texas in April (I had the pleasure of meeting Jim in person at this speech):

Part I

Part II

Jim Rickards - Why the US is Letting China Accumulate Gold

January 2015 - IMF Set for Lively Debate on Adding Yuan to SDR Basket

Other items of interest regarding the blog:

- Now viewed by well over 205,000 visitors from over 70 countries around the world

- Over 900 blog articles have been published since the blog started in January 2014

- Several readers here contributed both links to articles presented here and also contributed to some articles published here

- Our little dog Bean has grown up now from being a puppy. He loves people (especially kids) , loves to go on walks in the park, and generally enjoys life whatever comes his way. He wishes everyone a Happy New Year in 2016! 

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