Friday, June 12, 2015

BRICSPOST: BRICS Lawmakers Meet in Moscow

With the BRICS Summit coming up in July, lawmakers from the BRICS nations held a meeting in Moscow to discuss global politics. Not surprisingly, they do not support the sanctions currently in place against Russia. Some quotes from this BRICSPOST article are below.


The first parliamentary summit of the BRICS opened in Moscow on Monday with more than 100 lawmakers in attendance– speakers and deputies – from legislative bodies in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.
In a message to the summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday said dialogue between BRICS legislators is “a timely and important step in developing the BRICS group, which brings together five large and influential countries”.
“This is particularly important today, when many issues in modern international relations are complex in nature and call for the combined efforts of state authorities and civil society,” said Putin.
Western leaders on Monday at the G7 Summit in Germany warned Moscow that the group would keep sanctions against Russia in place until the peace deal for Ukraine is fully implemented.
Beijing, on Monday, however, objected to the sanctions policy used by G7 member states to pressure Russia over the Ukraine crisis.
“China has repeatedly reiterated its established position that it rejects constant threats and sanctions,” Hong Lei told reporters, answering a question about Beijing’s stance on anti-Russia sanctions.
Russia is hosting the BRICS Summit in July this year and member states are expected to demonstrate the failure of the West to isolate Russia on the global stage.

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