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Jim Rickards Most Recent Webinar 6-17-2015

Jim does a free monthly webinar that usually covers a variety of current issues and also has a Q&A period from listeners. You can access that latest one here. Below I have pasted in the summary of topics covered this month. Here is transcript of the webinar if you prefer to read that.


Jim Rickards, Gold Chronicles june 17th, 2015
*FOMC Meeting Analysis – No rate increase in 2015
*Dangerously low liquidity in bond market
*Back in the 80’s-90’s liquidity in the bond market was a given, virtually any amount could get filled – this is no longer the case
*Today large orders in the bond markets can take days or weeks to fill
*Lack of liquidity combined with High Frequency Trading (HFT) and selling volume is an environment where flash crashes are likely
*Warnings are coming from BIS, IMF, Federal Reserve governors regarding lack of liquidity
*When crashes occur there is always collateral damage – there are no circuit breakers in the bond markets so if there is an extreme panic we may see market closures
*Panics can spill over into other markets – we could see a bond market crash with a rising gold price
*Contagion and spillovers to other markets are typical behavior in a crisis
*Examples of hard assets: Land, Art, Physical Gold Fund
*State Backed hacking of US Government Employee Files
*Compromise of employee files does represent a national security threat
*Any portfolio reliant on all digital related assets is vulnerable to being completely wiped out
*South China Sea – China is claiming the entire South China Sea by creating artificial reefs and islands
*The US is bound by treaty and is obligated to act in the event of China war with the Philippines
*IMF SDR’s versus sovereign fiat currency
*Thoughts on gold confiscation happening in USA, EU, and Switzerland
*Why Switzerland is the best jurisdiction in the world to store precious metals

Added notes: A thank you to a reader who sent me this link to a presentation Jim Rickards did last year (in May 2014) at Johns Hopkins University.

Here is a recent interview on

Here is a recent interview on RT (Russia Today -starts at 3:15 mark)

Link to an article on the SDR as World Money that Jim talks about

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