Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Final Blog Update on Bo Polny's Gold Price Forecast

We have followed the bold forcast by Bo Polny for gold for nearly a year now. Here is our recent earlier post that gives a summary on it. At this point we are at the end of June and gold has failed to make the sharp significant move higher that Bo predicted.

While he could always be right (but just off on timing), we have to make a call on this one because Bo first predicted a move to $2000 gold by the end of 2014. When that did not happen, he said he had miscounted in his cycle analysis and moved the new target date to June 21st of 2015. We gave him an extra few days until the end of June. However, we still have no sharp, significant up move in gold.

We must conclude that the cycle analysis Bo uses was not able to accurately forecast the timing of a sharp move up in gold this time. If gold makes a sharp move up later this year, we might revisit his site to see what he says about it at that time. But this forecast clearly did not pan out and what actually happens is what we track here.

If you want to follow him on his web site, you can do that here.

Added note 7-2-15: Bo admits he missed his June call but sticks to his prediction

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