Friday, June 26, 2015

Thank You Brian Wilson for Adding Some Music to our Day - Off Topic

Earlier this month I mentioned in another off topic post that Love and Mercy is a movie you might want to see this summer. Having seen the movie now, I can fully recommend it. Some great performances and it will likely put the music of Brian Wilson in another light for you whether you are a long time fan or just someone who has heard one of his many songs over the years.

On Father's Day, my wife surprised me by giving me a ticket to see Brian Wilson perform live here in the Dallas area with his amazing band (and fellow former Beach Boys Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin). I expected it to be good, but what I got was much more than good. As I sat listening to this incredible band perform and watching Brian have the time of his life even at age 73, this question kept crossing my mind. How in the world did such a rich variety of beautiful music originate in the mind of just one person? (yes, others were involved in many of the songs, but the creative genius of Wilson is unquestioned in creating the harmonies and arrangements)

Brian announced recently that his next tour to Europe (now scheduled for 2016) will be his last tour outside the US. What I sensed watching this live performance is that there won't be that many more opportunities to see him perform live anywhere. The audience seemed to sense that and it seemed like Brian felt it too. It was such a joy to see him completely at ease having a fun time presiding over his great band playing some of his best music.  He was fully engaged with the audience in a way I had not seen from him before. When he asked the crowd if they had seen his new movie, the response was a resounding 'Yes' combined with a thunderous burst of applause. It was clear the audience wanted to let him know how much they appreciated all he has been through and overcome in his life.

The quality of the sound from his band is not really possible to describe. In this case, you really do have to be there hearing it live to get the full impact. Not even high quality recordings can compare to it. The blending of the harmony of the vocals with the instrumentals is an amazing and very unique sound. If you have a chance to see it live, you will feel like you are seeing (and hearing) something very special. 

I tried to think, of all the wonderful songs Brian has written and brought to the world, how could I pick one that embodies his life's work? I think the one just below is the best I could find (Brian sings the lead in this version). In all the ups and downs of his amazing life, one constant has remained. Brian Wilson has always wanted to add some music to your day. Thank you Brian, for adding great music to our day for over 50 years!

Lyrics to Add Some Music to Your Day

The sunday mornin' gospel goes good with the soul
There's blues, folk, and country, and rock like a rollin' stone
The world could come together as one
If everybody under the sun
Add some music to your day
(Add some music add some add some music to your day)
A bob didit a bop didit

You'll hear it while you're walkin' by a neighbor's home
You'll hear it faintly in the distance when you're on the phone
You're sittin' in a dentist's chair
And they've got music for you there
To add some music
(Add some music add some add some music to your)
To your day
A bob didit a bop didit

Add some music music everywhere (add some music)
Add some add some add some add some music (add some music)
Your doctor knows it keeps you calm
Your preacher adds it to his psalms
So add some music
(Add some music add some add some music to your)
To your day

(Add some music add some music)
When you're alone
(Add some music add some music)
Is like a companion
(Add some music add some music)
For your lonely soul
Oo oo oo woo oo woo oo oo oo oooo

When day is over (when day is over)
I close my tired eyes (I close my tired)
Music is in my soul

At a movie you can feel it touching your heart
And on every day of the summertime
You'll hear children chasing ice cream carts
They'll play it on your wedding day
There must be 'bout a million ways
To add some music
(Add some music add some add some music to your)
To your day

Add some music to your day 
Add some music to your day 
. . . . 

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