Sunday, June 14, 2015

What is Bo Polny Saying with one week to Go?

Over the past year we covered the bold prediction by Bo Polny that gold would make a move to $2000. Originally, he predicted this move take place by December 2014. When that did not happen, he revised his forecast to "before summer" of 2015. In recent interviews he continued to define "before summer" as by June 21st (when summer begins).

Well, here we are with one week left to go and no spike up in gold has happened. So, what is Bo saying with one week left to go?  You can find that here:

He is still standing by his prediction, but has now tweaked it again in two ways. He now says that the actual price target achieved is not critical, just that gold has a sharp spike upwards. In this latest article he has moved back the date yet again to July 1st. Readers can decide for themselves how well his forecast turns out after next week. If you are inclined to be generous, you can give it til the end of June.

If there is no spike upward in gold by the end of June, we will have to call this one and say that the cycle model Bo is using to make his forecasts did not work on this call. We'll check back at the end of June for a final determination. It does not seem likely to happen looking at it today, but we'll wait and see how it turns out.

Added note: If you would like to see our original post on this from back in August 2014, you can do that by clicking here.  Here was an update we posted in September 2014 and another we posted in January 2015.

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  1. Bo Polny is showcased on SilverDoctors solely to get the traffic on the site. No one has any confidence in Polny's methods that I know of. I actually like cycle analysis. It has to be applied correctly. It's only good for timing the change in direction of a market. Its not accurate all the time. Martin Armstrong will get his methods tested come Sept. He's been pretty accurate over the years. If he is wrong will everyone say he is a goof? Of course. Lots of so called guru's have jumped on that bandwagon. Its kind of fun to listen to them make these desperate calls since it has been a long time since any of the guru's have been right on something. One of my favorites is Lindsay Williams. He has hitched a ride on the Sept collapse scenario as well and is desperately trying to make a buck selling DVD's. His followers are very forgiving and when Lindsay is wrong, which is every time, they defend him. Lindsay has a cult following and they gladly pay him 50 bucks to listen to an hour of his drivel. What a racket.