Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Speaking of Summer - Love and Mercy is a Movie You Might Enjoy - Off Topic

With summer upon us now I am ready to go see this movie coming out on Friday (June 5th).

The Beach Boys are from my era, but I was never a huge fan while growing up. Like most people, I just enjoyed hearing their more popular songs now and then. Later on, as I came to know about the incredible journey Brian Wilson made during his life, I have gained more appreciation for him. To see anyone hit bottom in life and then somehow overcome severe adversity is always a heart warming story.

In this case, we probably have seen a musical genius do it. In 2012 our family was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Beach Boys 50th anniversary tour appearance in the Dallas area. The remaining original Beach Boys (see note below) probably appeared together for the last time. It really felt like you were watching a historic performance never to be repeated.

I was amazed that they could still produce their beautiful harmonies even after 50 years. Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys truly are American icons and I am glad I was able to attend that performance in 2012. This new movie is getting rave reviews so I hope it is showing in your area (it has a limited theater showing) and you get a chance to see it this summer. I suspect the sound track will be pretty good :)

note:  The Beach Boys who performed in the original group in the 1960's that are still alive are Mike Love, Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, and David Marks. Carl and Dennis Wilson have passed on.

Update 6-17-15: Have seen the movie now. Some outstanding performances, excellent movie!

Hot Rods segment from the 50th Anniversary Tour 

Surf segment from the 50th Anniversary Tour 

Good Vibrations - 50th Anniversary Tour

Original a cappella sound track - Incredible

Good Vibrations Studio Footage - Also Incredible

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