Monday, February 9, 2015

Latest Bo Polny Interview 2-6-2015

No real change in his forecast, but you can listen to the latest interview here.

In this interview he says:

- gold still coming off low made in November of $1130

- expected a pullback in late January which did happen

- $1280 to $1300 level very important for gold

- trend for February is still up, big area of resistance is $1300

- silver will lead gold this year because silver gold ratio of 70 is too high

- silver gold ratio should fall to at least 40 to become normalized

- still thinks US stock market will fall sharply this year and next year

- says Hong Kong market and German market are exceptions and are moving up against the cycle

addendum 2-10-15: here is a new written update Bo Polny made available today on Silver Doctors web site.

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