Monday, February 2, 2015

Repost of our Most Popular Recent Articles

Because we continue to get new readers here each week, I am adding a new feature to the blog. Early in each month I will repost links to the four most popular recent blog articles. This will allow new readers to find the most recent blog articles that other readers liked the best. 

Here are links to the four for this month with a brief summary below each link:

"This is a new article from Jim Rickards appearing on the Daily Reckoning web site. Jim is launching a newsletter service associated with this site. This article touches on some sensitive new ground so we will take a look at it in depth. Below are some key quotes and then some comments."  . . . . . . . .

The move by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to unpeg from the Euro has caused a massive reaction/disruption around the world. Not only in the markets themselves, but suddenly central banks are coming under attack from all sides. Even from sources normally friendly to them. 

This will be something to follow this year. Is this just a one time "gut reaction" because the SNB caught the world by surprise? Or, is this the start of a campaign to discredit individual national central banks as "too small" to deal with global problems?

On January 15th IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde gave a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations.  You can view the speech here. In addition  here is a link to the text of the speech. This speech is absolutely full of interesting comments and a hint about where things stand on the 2010 IMF reforms.

Now that 2014 is in the books, we can take a look back at one of the key sign posts we watch here that relates to potential monetary system change. The price of gold is always an important key to watch.

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